Zaid Bardhi

is an experienced restaurant and bar management professional based in the state of Texas

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Zaid Bardhi is an experienced restaurant and bar management professional based in the state of Texas. Currently, Bardhi manages a thriving pizza and pasta restaurant in the Pflugerville, Texas, community.

As restaurant leader, Zaid Bardhi puts his extensive management skillset to work each day to ensure optimal operational efficiency and a consistently exemplary customer experience. Bardhi’s skills include proficiency in workplace communications, customer service, organization, team management, conflict management, de-escalation, problem-solving, scheduling, workplace administration, financial reporting, and cost minimization.

Zaid Bardhi aims to empower his staff and his organization with the resources, direction and forward-thinking approach needed to stand out from the competition.

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April 15, 2022

What Is An Operations Management Course?

    According to Zaid Bardhi, operational excellence requires planning. Having a comprehensive plan will help the organization to meet customer needs while maintaining quality standards. Operations management plans also include human resources and environmental strategies. The latter focus on the involvement of employees in planning. Employees’ opinions will spur up new ideas, a different […]

March 7, 2022

Effective Restaurant Management Strategies – How to Successfully Manage Your Restaurant Services

According to Zaid Bardhi one of the most important and effective restaurant management strategies is to set expectations. This includes hiring the best people, providing clear job expectations and flexibility in scheduling. In addition, you should know the specific dietary needs of your customers. Then, you can make adjustments that will minimize your labor costs. […]

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